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Hiking Trail Mix Recipes

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Hiking Trail Recipes!Time to go camping and hiking! And while you are hiking you need something easy to snack on to keep your energy up! So whether you are camping in a tent or just hiking in the mountains, you need a tasty trail mix to take along with you.

A trail mix that is salty, sweet, spicy or all three. This recipe book contains over 50 trail mix recipes for snacking through the woods or just sitting with friends and family watching the big game.

This cookbook contains a variety of recipes to suite every taste.


Recipes Include:

  • Mountain Man Trail Mix
  • NCR Trail Mix
  • Crunchy Munchy Mix
  • Smokey Mountain Trail Mix
  • Cherries Jubilee Trail Mix
  • Puppy Chow Trail Mix
  • Zombie Apocalypse Trail Mix
  • Bird Seed Trail Mix
  • Hawaiian Luau Trail Mix
  • Very Berrie Trail Mix
  • Mardi Gras Trail Mix
  • Shanghai Trail Mix
  • Cereal Lovers Trail Mix
  • Monkey Trail Mix
  • Breakfast Blend Trail Mix
  • Say Cheese Trail Mix
  • Zoo Trail Mix
  • Lakeside Trail Mix
  • S'more Trail Mix
  • Nuts and Bolts Trail Mix
  • Oh Honey You're Nutty Trail Mix
  • Sweet Wheats Trail Mix
  • Antioxidant Trail Mix
  • Tree Hugger Trail Mix
  • Hiker's Trail Mix
  • Runner's Trail Mix
  • Paleo Trail Mix
  • Camper's Trail Mix
  • Sweet-Tooth Trail Mix
  • Energy Boost Trail Mix
  • Captain Courageous Trail Mix
  • Backpacker's Trail Mix
  • California Trail Mix
  • Tiger Trail Mix
  • Frosted Wheat Trail Mix
  • Bombay Trail Mix
  • Appalachian Trail Mix
  • Praline-Chocolate Trail Mix
  • Snack Lovers Trail Mix
  • Summer Strawberry Trail Mix
  • Spiced Krispies Trail Mix
  • Holiday Trail Mix
  • Texas Trail Mix
  • Florida Trail Mix
  • Mexican Trail Mix
  • Party Goer's Trail Mix
  • Teddy Bear Trail Mix
  • Grizzly Bear Trail Mix
  • Play Time Trail Mix
  • Putting on the Ritz Trail Mix
  • Sugar and Spice Trail Mix
  • Rocky Mountain Trail Mix
  • Quinoa Trail Mix

Cooking On Wine--a Theme Of Recipes

RRP $12.99

We all want to give but do not all have the funds-therefore we give in ways that we can, using our talents and passions. Besides donating our time, our family enjoys collaborating on books in efforts to raise money for our favorite non-profit organization. Our most recent collaboration is this family cook book of theme recipes enjoyed by our friends and co-workers. Portions of all royalties will go to the Temecula based nonprofit organization, Thessalonika Family Services-Rancho Damacitas -TFS/RD. For 30+ years this full service group home facility has been healing the hearts of abandoned and abused children as they teach them how to break the cycle of abuse. For more information on how you can make a difference, please visit their web site at

Tasty Recipes

RRP $18.99

Was it Tasty? If so, write it down!Introducing Tasty Recipes! A Cookbook that is tailored to your Ideal Taste!This Blank Recipe Book/Recipe Journal has the power to become anything that you want it to be. The potentials are limitless. You have the freedom to record any types of recipes that you so desire. This Blank Recipe Book also makes the ideal gift for passing on to loved ones who need to learn how to cook your family recipes. Make your own recipe book today! With page numbers and room to write over 100 recipes, measurements conversion chart, preparation time, cooking time, serving, notes, and even ratings. In fact, we have space for you to stick your photographs in the back of the completed dishes.At the end, the best part is that you can create your own personalized cookbook and have numerous different styles to choose from in our collection.So, no more pinning, bookmarking or printing off your recipes and use our Tasty Recipes today! Just scroll up and purchase your copy today! Then head over to Green Protein's Cookbooks and get them FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Copy what you find Tasty and create your own personal cookbook that is filled with your Ideal Taste!

Early Adulthood In A Family Context

RRP $546.99

Early Adulthood in a Family Context, based on the 18th annual National Symposium on Family Issues, emphasizes the importance of both the family of origin and new and highly variable types of family formation experiences that occur in early adulthood. This volume showcases new theoretical, methodological, and measurement insights in hopes of advancing understanding of the influence of the family of origin on young adults' lives. Both family resources and constraints with respect to economic, social, and human capital are considered.

Southern Cooking Recipes

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Southern Cooking Recipes Old Southern Recipes, Deep South Dishes, Southern Favorites (Southern Food Cookbook 1) Best of the long-awaited secret cuisines right from the kitchen of Virginia Caldwell. The timeless southern recipes contained in this book have come to be the soul food cherished by individuals who value good food and have over the years brought happiness and joy to the tables of many families. Known for her popular spice lovin' dishes, Virginia Caldwell who has contributed to lots of southern recipe cookbooks and blogs over the years has finally decided to let in some of you on the secrets to making some of the best home-style south dishes from her kitchen. This Southern food cookbook contains various home cooking recipes including simple appetizers, classic southern main entrees, side dishes, soups and a host of delicious desserts. The treasure trove of timeless recipes contained in this cookbook will continue to be the bond that holds many families together for generations to come. Savor the taste of crunchy biscuits, homemade spicy soups and sauce, tangy pies, country-fried chicken, vegan salads and lots more. This book has been crafted as the perfect "good ole days" reminder of what a healthy southern meal tastes like. It contains numerous classic food recipes detailed with step-by-step preparation methods that ensure your end result isn't far from the desired outcome. Put on your apron. Grab your skillet. Let's get to work."


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Family Recipe Wild Game Rice Recipe Low Fat
Grilling Italian Recipes Superfood Quick Recipe
Diet Recipe Soup Recipe French Recipe Salmon Recipe
Dinner Recipe Paella Recipe Desserts Restaurant Recipes

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