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50 Mug Cake Recipes

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Food has always been a part of man's life. Nowadays, man no longer feed themselves with food with the sole purpose of surviving. In fact, food has evolved-and even man's need for food has evolved so differently compared to our cave dwelling ancestors. Today, food should not only satisfy man's hunger but it should also satisfy man's palate. Accordingly, food used to be served in huge platters and even until now in different cultures food is more often than not-a focal point of a social gathering. But, what about if you are on a diet? What about you are living alone? What about if you want to control portion sizes? Is there a way to do this? Yes, in fact the trend in food preparation nowadays lean on controlled serving sizes and so with Mug Cake Recipes. What's wonderful about mug cake recipes is that it is delicious, easy on the pocket and quick to make. These are the primary benefits that you gain from making mug cakes, but are that all there is to it? No, here are more reasons why mug cakes are great: Mug cakes save a lot of money, time and resources. When I say this I mean that a box of that cake mix you are using will go a long way. Unlike baking that entire box of cake mix and force feeding yourself so that the cake won't go to waste, making mug cakes will help you stretch that box for a month. Plus, you get to create various cakes too-so you won't get easily tired with the same cake over and over again. Many may say that sweets are a big no-no when it comes to dieting. For some, dessert is the cherry on top. So, why not make a mug cake where portions are controlled? This way, you won't pig out and avoid consuming the whole cake because there is no big cake to begin with-just a tiny mug of cake. I hope you'll enjoy creating these mug cake recipes I have in stored for you and keep you happy with the myriads of variations."

Dump Dinner Holiday Recipes

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DISCOVER Dump Dinner Christmas Recipes TODAY!

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Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated events of the holiday, after opening presents of course. Gathering around a well-laid table with family and friends and feasting on traditional favorites, Christmas dinner is often a memorable and joyful annual occurrence. Planning a Christmas dinner, holiday dinner or other large gathering isn't complicated, but the more forethought you give it the easier it will be. The key is to do as much work ahead of time as you can, so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves the day of the party! Dump dinners are the solution to that problem and you holiday stress. In this book you will have the opportunity to select from over 50 different dump dinner recipes. Dump dinners have a few things in common: to start, all of the ingredients are put in crock pot, baking dish(one pot or pan)- this is where the idea of "dumping" comes into play. Then all you have to do is heat the ingredients according to your device, and walk away. Eat well and stress free withDump Dinner Holiday Recipes: Dump Dinner Christmas Recipes for a Quick & Easy Meal Start to Finishyou'll surely celebrate a flavorful and nutritious year ahead!

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24 Affordable Paleo Recipes

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From the Best Selling author, Neil Winters, comes 24 Affordable Paleo Recipes: Paleo Diet Recipes On A Budget Meals Under $10!. This book will completely change your weight loss and cooking! Not only are the recipes amazing - but they are QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY! If you feel like you need to spice up your cooking... If you feel like your paleo diet might need a better variety.. Or if you just enjoy cooking and want to try something new... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! This book provides you with budget-friendly recipes that will turn you into AN AMAZING cook in just days! It comes with the recipes, ingredients, and all the steps you need to know! Are you ready to spice up your cooking and become a master chef in your own kitchen? Then check out these paleo recipes, and start cooking like a master TODAY! Some of the recipes include: Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken Cuban Beef Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf Paleo chicken soup Asian Pork With Mushrooms Paleo Cabbage Rolls Paleo Egg Cups Chicken Pasta Pumpkin Thai Soup Crockpot Chili Lemon Rice Soup Apple Cranberry Compote Apple Cinnamon Steel Oats Pumpkin Ginger Soup Primal Fruit Dip Lime Chicken Kebabs With Mango Salsa Grilled Chicken Curry Baked Radish Chips Baked Beet Chips Ham and Spaghetti Alfredo Watermelon and Cucumber Salad Strawberry and Spinach Salad With Balsamic Vinaigrette Colorful Cabbage Salad

Quickbooks Online Plus

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NOTE: Before purchasing, check with your instructor to ensure you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, and registrations are not transferable. To register for and use Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products, you may also need a Course ID, which your instructor will provide.


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For one-semester courses in Microcomputer Accounting.

This package includes QuickBooks ® 2016 software.


Provide a Real-World Experience with Extensive Hands-On Material

Designed to present accounting concepts and their relationship to QuickBooks® 2016, QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2016 is a comprehensive instructional learning resource. The First Edition uses fictitious companies and the QuickBooks Online Plus accounting program to provide hands-on training while it introduces major accounting concepts. Readers have ample opportunity to apply the concepts they learn about in the text and software, and transition from training to using QuickBooks Online Plus in an actual business.


While the text was written using the 2016 Accountant's version of QuickBooks Online, it may be used with the Pro version of the program as well. (Because of the many differences between the Windows and Mac versions of QuickBooks, this text should not be used for training using QuickBooks for the Mac.) No prior knowledge of or experience with computers, Windows, or QuickBooks is required; however, an understanding of accounting, specifically the accounting cycle and how it is related to a business, is essential to successful completion of the coursework.


0134624645 / 9780134624648 QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2016 -- Access Card Package, 1/e


Package consists of:

  • 0134229266 / 9780134229263 QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2016
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Tea Recipes

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A warm cup of tea goes away. Tea is soothing, delicious, & nutritious. With the Tea Recipes cookbook, you will discover tons of exciting new tea recipes to help you achieve overall wellness. Health is the most important thing in the world! Let us help you take care of your health while enjoying a delicious cup of hot tea.


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Family Recipe Wild Game Rice Recipe Low Fat
Grilling Italian Recipes Superfood Quick Recipe
Diet Recipe Soup Recipe French Recipe Salmon Recipe
Dinner Recipe Paella Recipe Desserts Restaurant Recipes

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